Central Takaka School - Guide to the Galaxy

Central Takaka School’s Guide to the Galaxy

Office Ph: 525 9200                                                                          Email: office@centraltakaka.school.nz

Staff 2019

Principal: Steve McLean                                                                                           BOT Chair: Sunneva Stocker

BOT Parent Reps: Jamie Ward, Charlie Haskell & Martine Baanvinger

Teachers: Room 1 – Shaun Bryant              Room 3 – Jodie McLean/Steve McLean / Mel Mott

Teacher Aides: Giesela Winter                    Music: Hera Livingston / Joachim Mauer

Cleaner: Asta Gylstra / Katrina Toma-Koch                        Caretaker: Shauli Ezroni

Admin: Kaye Stark                  Pool: Kaye Stark                                Enviro-School Facilitators: Martine Baanvinger, Alesha Hobbs

School Timetable

 8.15am              school grounds open                       12.45 - 1.30        play

 9.00 - 10.30      classes                                               1.30 - 3.00         classes

10.30 – 10.40     morning tea / story                          3.15                    bus bell rings

10.40 – 11.00     play                                                     3.25                    last bus departs

11.00 – 12.30     classes                                                3.30                    school grounds close

12.30 – 12.45     supervised lunch

Absences - The reason for these requests is that the Ministry requires us to collect absence data twice a day. This data is stored and reported to the Ministry as required. We have to note down the reason for absences e.g. medical, overseas trip etc. 

All student absences must be reported daily. Please phone the school, or txt by 9.10am.

If you are planning to take your child out of school for longer than one day a note is required detailing the reason for the absence.

Day Book - If you are taking any students out of school during school time PLEASE use the day book to sign them out AND back in if they return during school hours. The day book is located on right hand side of the office as you enter. It is on a pink clipboard.

Parents/Guardians it is your responsibility to notify the school of any changes to your child’s routine (either note/phone/txt). PLEASE do not ask your child to notify the school OR write changes to their routine in the day book

After School - It is really important that the school is notified of any changes to your child’s “pick up” arrangements before 12.30pm. The office is not usually staffed after this time so, although whoever is on duty will endeavour to check the answerphone, we cannot guarantee it. The teacher on bus duty will check the school phone for messages at about 3:10. The Principal can be contacted by text or call after 12:30pm.

Facebook Group – We have a closed facebook group for families only. You can search Central Takaka School Families or use the following link:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/ctsfamilies/. This is a closed group and only approved members have access to files/photos etc. If you don’t wish your child’s image to appear in this group please let me know. In the interest of good digital citizenship it is our policy that we ask students permission to post their work or photos they appear in.

Buses - All students travelling to and from school on the bus must sign the Bus Code of Conduct form. Any issues arising during time spent on the bus must be raised with the Principal as soon as possible.

Stationery – Stationery is available year round from the office. We purchase our stationery through Office Max at a very competitive contract rate. These savings are passed on to you.

Swimming – Swimming is part of the curriculum in Terms 1 & 4. We have teamed up with Swimming NZ who provide the student’s with ten swimming lesson during this time paid for by the school.

Payments – Family invoices will be sent out toward the end of each term. Payments can be made by cash, cheque or AP directly into the school account. Regular AP’s are a great way to lessen the burden of school/camp fees.

Library – Every student is given a Library number which allows them to be issued with up to three books. We are extremely proud of our library. It is well maintained and provides an excellent variety of new and classic reading. Library books are purchased primarily through grants, fundraising and donations. We ask that books are returned weekly and that students are encouraged to respect the privilege of borrowing books. The junior class visits the library every Thursday afternoon. The seniors’ time varies. The library is also open Monday to Thursday lunchtimes for students to read and/or issue books.

Emergency School Closure – In the event of extraordinary event, like flooding, necessitating the closure of the school you will be notified by telephone or text. If we are unable to contact you, your child will be kept at school under the care of staff.

School Lunches – Our Home and School provides lunches on most Fridays during the school term. These are always a hit with the students and a really good fundraiser. Please note, these lunches are not intended to provide all the food needs of your child to get them through the busy day. Karilyn Cavaye is currently co-ordinating the school lunches. If you are able to offer a school lunch let us know and we will pass on your details to Karilyn.

Newsletter – This is the school community newsletter it comes out MOST weeks…. yes check the bag on a Thurs!!! It can also be emailed so if you are not receiving a newsletter via the email and would like to please let me know. It is your newsletter so please if you have anything to advertise, a cool photo OR almost anything just forward it to the office. I am always on the lookout for things to fill up gaps.

School Policies – Our school policies are hosted online by School Docs. You can read any of our policies by visiting www.schooldocs.co.nz/ and searching our school. We have a three year review cycle and frequently require parent input for this. We will notify you in the newsletter when this happens. You are able to offer feedback online at any time about any of our policies.

Money – From time to time students are requested to bring money to school for lunches, stationery or trips. Please can you put the money in a secure envelope or plastic bag noting your child’s name, the amount and what it is for. We have limited change stored at the office so the correct, or close to it, amount is appreciated. 

Home and School Group – Home and school is a group of parents that get together to assist with fundraising and organisation of school events. Any parent can join. Let us know if you are keen or lookout for notification of meeting in the school newsletter.

Authentic Learning Programme (A.L.P.) - Every Monday afternoon we run ALP. It is an options programme where children choose from a range of activities.  Parents and other members of the community come and take groups. If you have a skill you could teach a group of kids we would love to have you in. It could be cooking, motor mechanics, art, sport, languages or anything else. You get to tell us how many students you want, age appropriateness, resources you might need etc. Please let me know if you are interested or feel free to drop in on a Monday afternoon and see what it is all about before committing.

Enviro-Schools – Every Tuesday afternoon Martine and Alesha facilitate our Enviro-School group. It is optional and children at any age can take part. The aim of enviro-schools is to foster a generation of people who instinctively think and act sustainably. It is very much student-led and the group come up with a number of different projects each year.

School Meetings – Most weeks both classes get together for a school meeting. Any student or staff member can add items to the agenda. It is a great chance to address any issues that might be occurring or for new ideas to be discussed. It is a great chance for students to have real and meaningful input into school decision making and problem solving.

Sun smart - In term 1 and 4 we encourage you to apply sunscreen to your child before school. Students are required to have sunhats for break times during these terms.

Rubbish – We are rubbish free when it comes to school lunches. Organic waste can go in our compost but all other rubbish in school lunches goes back home in lunchboxes.

Things NOT to bring to school – We are trying to encourage healthy eating at this school so we are requesting that sweets and fizzy drinks are not brought to school.

Found – Found property, unless valuable, is stored in the box outside Room 1. If something valuable is handed in it will be stored in the locked filing cabinet in the office.  

Labelling – It is a great idea to label lunchboxes, bags and clothing with your child’s name.